[1]Designer, 6+ year ︎ Bachelor in Social Communication with specialization in Advertising from Jorge Amado University, Salvador, Bahia. [2]Its focus revolves around explorations and visual scopes, drawing on digital and printed sources and fostering of digital products. Enthusiastic about visual languages and processes, he takes risks in what he likes and believes that this risk is what makes each person's process special.


Jillion is truly a people-first company; so we’ve created a flexible and autonomous environment where talented team-players can do the most impactful work of their lives. We have an office base in Dubai, remote teams established in Europe, Africa and South America, and are hiring across all regions.

Role: Visual Design, Design System
Agency: Jillion
With: Jade Rocha, Martyne Gonzaga

[3]Current: Freelancer █ [4]▼Previous: R/GA, Galeria, Africa, Tég [5] Itaú, Becks, Ally, Natura, OBoticário, SBF, Heineken, Bloomberg, Mercado Bitcoin, Bradesco, Pepsi&Co, Wellhub, TurboTax, Linkedin.