[1]Designer, 6+ year ︎ Bachelor in Social Communication with specialization in Advertising from Jorge Amado University, Salvador, Bahia. [2]Its focus revolves around explorations and visual scopes, drawing on digital and printed sources and fostering of digital products. Enthusiastic about visual languages and processes, he takes risks in what he likes and believes that this risk is what makes each person's process special.


GR/8 is a voting plataform developed by and for R/GA. Its a way to rate our ideas and understand if the ideas can be good enough for the public, solution, reason and others aspects. We developed a galery with a series ideas with so many functionalities.

Role: Visual Design
Agency: R/GA
José Coelho, Rafael Ponzini, Gabriela Simão, Herbert Freitas e Alan Vasconcelos

Soma+ AQKA Impact

SOMA+ is one of AKQA's social impact projects, which has had a mega highlight with an educational platform with the intention of expanding the knowledge of young black and peripheral talents, with several free courses with professionals in the areas of strategy, creation, production and attendance.

Role: Visual Design, Design System
Agency: Tég Bureau
With: Guilherme Garófalo, Bruno Faiotto


Looopy is a running app where you make challenges and get rewards. The process started through a branding strategy changing the voice and how the brand talks with they public. Building the branding the strategy of the app get easier and light to design a app fun and solid.

Role: Visual Design
Agency: R/GA
With: Rafael Ponzini, Gabriela Simão, Priscila Schip, Herbert Freitas, Rafael Morandini, Rafael Goncales, Lucas Binda and Mellina Passi

Heineken Orbits

Heineken Orbits is a mobile app for Heineken, the main idea is to bring a contact through app and with this the user win rewards for rescue this orbits. The app also allows a series of functions, such as livestream, sharing, contact with other brands and other roles.

Role: Visual Design
Agency: R/GA
With: Alexandre Perotto, Guilherme Penalva, Herbert Freitas, Priscila Schip, Rafael Ponzini e Zeca Coelho

Ally Auto Online Services

Everyday banking made easy. Save smarter, faster than ever for the things that matter most. Go from inspired to invested in just a few taps with Ally Invest.

Role: Visual Design
Agency: R/GA
With: Daniel Bollina and Rossi Antunez

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